Alleged shortages of life-saving stuff in some pockets of India amid fury of COVID-19 , reported in the news near and after mid-April 2021

Alleged shortages of life-saving stuff in some pockets of India amid fury of COVID-19 , reported in the news near and after mid-April 2021

(1). Urgent demand for vaccination doses , Oxygen and other material so necessary to combat COVID19 across many parts of India have been in news, particularly near and after mid- April in 2021. While COVID-19 or double mutant of coronavirus new cases continue to mount beyond 2 lac since 15 April 2021, news reports of shortages of life-saving medical stuff like oxygen and drugs are trickling down. Some scattered instances , not sizable in number, in which patients died, are allegedly attributed to such shortage. This situation is obviously alarming. The Central government as also the concerned State governments look to be taking measures to deal with the hugely expanded situation effectively on war footing. In this context, it may be apt to mention that this Vedic astrology writer had sought to alert almost a year prior that COVID-19 can re-emerge with greater strength and increased mischief during April-May 2021. This writer’s article -“When is the world coming out from the dreadful grip of COVID-19? W.H.O. Chief said on 21 April 2020: the worst is not yet over” -appeared at on 16 May 2020, is considered most relevant. A later predictive alert in article: “ India in the year 2021 – planetary impacts interpreted: kushal kumar”, appeared at on 7 September 2020. It carried a specific alert for more care and appropriate strategy , saying that a period of one and a half month from mid-April to 31 May 2021 may cause major worrisome shortages of life-saving medicines or stuff as well, besides presenting compulsive and restrictive circumstances with no broad choice. More or less, similar alert was sounded later also by this writer through the article – “ Major worrisome concerns in India during a period of nearly two months from 7 April to 31 May in 2021” -published at on 3 April 2021, saying that a period of nearly two months from about 7 April to 31 May 2021 looked to be extremely grim from COVID-19 point of view in India. Such dates as 7, 15 to 19 during month of April 2021 were also indicated as potent with unprecedented worries. It occurs now to this writer that more care and appropriate strategy may begin to bring about a specific and stronger trend to calm and reduce the gravity of COVID-19 or other serious forms of coronavirus pandemic substantially during 10 August to 11 September in present year 2021.

(2). Now a question may arise in the mind of readers as to what this writer has to opine about the left over in – between period of time from 1 June to about 9 August in 2021. Here it is. While the gravity of COVID-19 or its family appears to be continuing in one form or the other for most part of the period, say two-third part, a new chapter in the story opens up. It is a blame game of who did or did not do the appropriate. It can also open up a hot discussion about sufficiency or correctness of medical approach to the coronavirus pandemic. In both the situations, medical authorities or such experts and the executive authorities handling the execution part, may likely come into picture. They may have probably to do a lot of home work. It can have a third interpretation. Medical experts and executive authorities look to be combining to accomplish something great but the size and strength of disease is so huge that accomplishment falls short during about 1 June to 9 August in 2021. The accomplishment looks to be appearing but not before about 10 August to 11 September in present year 2021.

(3).Links to reach the predictive articles referred here:-

( 4 ). It may be made clear here that, these alerts are based on trends likely to take shape while more care and appropriate strategy by concerned people can trend to either reduce the gravity or mitigate the worrisome happenings to an extent. So, human efforts and appropriate strategy has weight. Further , marginal human error in decoding planetary impacts cannot be ruled out. In the light of these constraints, the alerts of likely trends are aimed at wake up call for more care and appropriate strategy.

( 5 ). Bio- Hailing from Sansal of District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh in India, Kushal Kumar is presently a resident of Panchkula in Haryana State of India. His articles have also been published by world’s such leading astrological magazines as The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) from California and Horoscope from New York. He covered some Presidential election for France and the U.S. with amazing success. His articles having predictive alerts for Singapore, Japan, India, U.S., Canada and Italy covering years 2019 and 2020 ( upto first week of September ), have turned out to be meaningful. His master-work on spiritual themes have also been brought out by leading magazines. He can be reached via

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