Global security and strategic scenario is changing fast during first half of present year 2021 with growing fears of something catastrophic

Global security and strategic scenario is changing fast during first half of present year 2021 with growing fears of something catastrophic

(1). QUAD comprising of the United States, Japan, India and Australia held its first summit virtually on 12 March 2021 with expectation to strengthen regional security and economic cooperation. This formation appears to have not been taken kindly by some out of several countries not covered by Quad. They appear to have begun looking for their strategic interests, as disclosed by developments that have followed such formation brought out here.

(2). Russian foreign minister and his counterpart in China held a meeting on 23 March 2021 to strengthen partnership and strategic cooperation between Russia and Peoples Republic of China. During the meeting, it was proposed to set up a new regional security dialogue platform. Some days later on 27 March 2021, Chinese and Iranian foreign ministers signed a 25-year cooperation agreement between China and Iran. Some political analysts suggest that Russia, China and Iran do not appear to be enjoying a warm relationship with the United States in the ongoing times. Besides, China has issues with Japan in waters it calls East China Sea. Iran has issues with the United States. So the developing global political and strategic scenario appears to be moving fast towards coming into being of some kind of strategic or cooperative blocs, some directly, some indirectly.

(3). It is a well-known fact that China claims its sovereignty over Taiwan. In recent past, Chinese military activities in Taiwan have increased substantially if newspaper reports are any indication. China flew 10 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on 5 April 2021 and deployed an aircraft carrier group for exercises near Taiwan. News reports on 5 April 2021 said that China wants to make such exercises regular in a further escalation of tensions near Taiwan. On the other hand, news reports claimed that Taiwan’s foreign minister has said on 7 April 2021 – ‘ Taiwan will fight to the very last day’ if China attacks. This situation covering China-Taiwan appear to have dangerous potential for war.

(4). There is another hot spot these days in early 2021 in news – Senkaku Islands said to be owned by Japan over which China also claims its ownership, calling these as East China Sea. According to news reports, China has passed a law in early 2021, allowing its coast guard to use weapon, if necessary , when a foreign vessel attempts to enter Chinese waters. This can be construed apparently referring to South China Sea as also East China Sea. It has been followed by some corresponding law or rule passed in Japan as well. Some mishap with some impulse or error of judgement in a rare occasion , carrying the potential to give rise to a dangerous situation even if unintended, cannot be ruled out completely there.

(5). Ukraine and Russia appear to be in news suggestive of some worrisome concern. Fighting between the government forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine has been reportedly there since 2014. But later pro-Russian separatists are said to have formed government in two provinces in eastern Ukraine. The recent reported upsurge of violence towards last days of March 2021 between government forces and Russia backed separatists in eastern Ukraine seems to have whipped up political concerns there for Ukraine.

A closely relevant news of immense strategic significance has appeared in some news reports on 6 April 2021, saying that Ukrainian President has urged NATO to hasten its membership as Russian troops with tanks gather on Ukrainian border. The NATO and its key member States are reported to have been urged by Ukraine to hasten its membership of the western military alliance in response to growing buildup of Russian forces in the border with tanks. This brings to surface two vital questions. The timing of reported Russian troops buildup in the Ukrainian border and request of Ukrainian President to hasten Ukrain’s membership to NATO. Membership issue could have come up passionately soon after annexation of Crimea but this writer has not come across any news of such a thing happening. Further, some sort of strategic agreements or platforms among China, Russia and Iran referred to here may have to be read not in isolation.

(6). There is something else as well which cannot be ignored while looking at the ongoing dangerous scenario in the global perspective. COVID-19 pandemic is reportedly gaining major worrisome strength by the day to strike in several countries across the world. While this factor may engage such countries to the extent of limiting or obstructing the engagement or combating power, this can be tapped by adversaries who may have such limiting issue lesser comparatively.

(7). The U.S. is reported to be increasingly concerned over Russian troop buildup at Ukraine border. On the other hand, Russia is reported to have said recently that it would take “ measures” if the U.S.-led NATO forces interfere in the Ukrainian conflict.

(8). It is significant to observe here that troops buildup or substantially increased military activities in Taiwan and Ukraine appear as happening around, more or less, at the same juncture- near or around April 2021.

(9). Wars get ignited when there is obstruction to satisfaction of vital compulsions or satisfaction of huge strategic opportunities are involved. Readers may themselves delve deep into details of circumstances here before and analyze whether any such scenario is found obtaining. However, these questions have already been addressed by this writer from Vedic astrology point of view and answered at on 11 February 2021. Could such a scenario arise in April itself or in month of May in present year 2021, reader may well go through this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive article already published at on 11 February 2021 as follows.
World War 3 or Mini-World War 3 appears shaping up during 9 May to 3 June in year 2021 to intensify strikingly on 15-16 May and 26-27 May in present year 2021 – published at on 11 February 2021
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(10). It may be made clear here that, these alerts are based on trends likely to take shape while more care and appropriate strategy by concerned people can trend to either reduce the gravity or mitigate the worrisome happenings to an extent. So, human efforts and appropriate strategy has weight. Further , marginal human error in decoding planetary impacts cannot be ruled out. In the light of these constraints, the alerts of likely trends are aimed at wake up call for more care and appropriate strategy.

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