World War 3 or Mini-World War 3 appears shaping up during 9 May to 3 June in year 2021 to intensify strikingly on 15-16 May and 26-27 May in present year 2021

World War 3 or Mini-World War 3 appears shaping up during 9 May to 3 June in year 2021 to intensify strikingly on 15-16 May and 26-27 May in present year 2021

( 1 ). The world is passing through tumultuous times. The year 2020 was a witness to glimpses of coming up Mini-World War 3 in Nagorno-Karabakh involving , directly or indirectly , such countries as Armenia , Ajerbaijan , Pakistan and Turkey. France and Russia are reported to have played some role of pacifier. But that does not suggest that threat of such catastrophic happening in present year 2021 has dried up. In the beginning of year 2021 , challenges relating to security have begun to be heard on the global scene. China has passed new Coast Guard Law in January 2021 which authorizes its Navy to use weapon , if necessary , to drive away foreign vessel from territorial waters it claims its right. The law is effective from 1 February 2021. According newspaper report , two Chinese ships intruded into Japanese waters near Senkaku islands and departed after staying there for some hours. While no weapon was used , still such incidents after passing of the said Coast Guard Law is perceived to be carrying potential of escalating tension. A day prior , on Friday , 5 February 2021 , China is reported to have warned off a U.S. warship sailing near contested islands in the South China Sea , on the stated ground that no permission of Chinese government was obtained. Such incidents after the Chinese new Coast Guard Law has potential to escalate the tension.

( 2 ). The aforesaid narration of worrisome challenges to global security in early 2021 has made this writer to work out , applying Vedic astrology , to check up whether the challenges are likely to grow stronger to pose some catastrophic happening like full-fledged World War 3 or Mini-World War 3. A thorough examination of contemporary planetary impacts during the year 2021 in the global perspective has suggested something alarming as follows.

( 3 ). World War 3 or Mini-World War 3 appears shaping up during 9 May to 3 June in year 2021 to intensify strikingly on 15-16 May and 26-27 May in present year 2021. More care and appropriate strategy on the part of global powers is called for to ensure that such a catastrophic happening does not take place. In any case , incidents of huge volcano eruption , massive earthquake , big cyclones-storms , economic crisis and other disasters in vulnerable countries look to be trending during the period.

( 4 ). In the preceding para , this Vedic astrology writer has attempted to answer two questions – what will happen and when. Now , a third question for answer remains is – where it will trend or happen? Indentifying a credible answer to this question is not an easy task. There appear to be emerging five centers of focus like this. The U.S. , Russia , Japan , Israel , Taiwan and Hong-Kong. In all these centers attracting focus , allies or supporting countries may also come into play. In other words , two or more of such countries as Russia, the United States of America and European Allies ( like Germany , France , the U.K. ) , Japan , Australia , Taiwan , Peoples Republic of China , South Korea , Israel , Iran , Turkey , India etcetra may get involved , directly or indirectly. And one of the centers of focus may trigger during the period underlined here. One or more among Black Sea , Sea near Taiwan , South China Sea , East China Sea may be the hot spot. It appears that the war may last as long as about mid-July 2021. This can be interpreted differently as well. The war may be for a week or two but sorting out or resolving the issues that follow may get accomplished by about mid-July 2021.

( 5 ). It may be made clear here that, these alerts are based on trends likely to take shape while more care and appropriate strategy by concerned people can trend to either reduce the gravity or mitigate the worrisome happenings to an extent. So, human efforts and appropriate strategy has weight. Further , marginal human error in decoding planetary impacts cannot be ruled out. In the light of these constraints, the alerts of likely trends are aimed at wake up call for more care and appropriate strategy.

( 6 ). Bio- Hailing from Sansal of District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh in India, Kushal Kumar is presently a resident of Panchkula in Haryana State of India. His articles have also been published by world’s such leading astrological magazines as The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) from California and Horoscope from New York. He covered some Presidential election for France and the U.S. with amazing success. His articles having predictive alerts for Singapore, Japan, India, U.S., Canada and Italy covering years 2019 , 2020 and 2021 ( upto January) , have turned out to be meaningful. His master-work on spiritual themes have also been brought out by leading magazines. He can be reached via

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