Amritsar, January 27, 2021: “The basic need for the data analysis is to make it comprehendible by each of the reader ‘opined experts at a Three day workshop on “Data-Analysis” organized by School of Education of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar under the aegis of PMMMNMTT, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education. About sixty five participants from various reputed Institutions and diverse parts of India collaborated on virtual platform for knowledge sharing and assimilation with the best experts of the country.

In the valedictory address, Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Sharma, Controller of examination Guru Nanak Dev University said that‘’the purpose of research is to add to the existing body of knowledge & disseminate knowledge for the benefit of researchers & society at large’’. He also shared that only correct & authentic data, followed by the relevant data interpretation techniques will be instrumental in generating the correct research findings. Hence, arises the need to organize such workshops to ensure authenticity & scientific integrity in research. He congratulated the team of School of Education for this faculty development programme with the positive note that the workshop would prove to be highly beneficial for the participants.

‘Research is the integral part of both the academic & pedagogical knowledge essential for the capacity building among the Teaching Academia’ said Prof (Dr.) Amit Kauts, Project coordinator, School of Education of Guru Nanak Dev University during the inaugural session of the workshop. He further shared that to keep pace with the recent advancement in any discipline; one has to be well versed with the latest developments in research methodology. Analyzing the data is the most integral part of any research. It is also the toughest step as most researchers might not be able to do the analysis on their own. There are a number of tools and frameworks available today that one can use to make the data analysis work for a research easy and perspicuous. The aim of the workshop was to break down the complex & large data into its fundamental and simplified state, to explore the basic assumptions that underlie historic paradigms of research and give hands on experience on the use of SPSS software & many more open source softwares to enable the participants to carry out the data analysis independently. The highlight of the workshop was that the participants were given the opportunity to bring their research problem & data during the workshop and discuss the statistical techniques and methods of data analysis with the experts.

Prof (Dr.) Amit Kauts, Project coordinator also sharedthe theme, objectives & schedule of the programme with the participants.‘This workshop will primarily provide an overview of statistical methods that play very significant roles in data analysis’ said Dr. DeepaSikandKauts, Head, Department of Education of the University. She shared that objective of the workshop was to train and inculcate the skills for Data Analysisown with the use of SPSS software &many more open source softwares.& guide participants for Publishable researches.

The three day workshop exposed the participants to theoretical as well as practical sessions. Besides the technical sessions, prayer and yoga sessions were also conducted on daily basis; Resource persons of top notch reputation in the field of research & statistics were roped in for the technical sessions, prominent among them were: Dr. D. N. Sansanwal, Former Professor, Indore University, Indore, Dr. Kaushal Kishore, Professor, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya, Bihar, Dr. Suresh Kumar Sharma,Professor, Department of Statistics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Prof. Balwinder Singh, University School of Financial Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Dr. Vijay Kumar Chechi, School of Education, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar.

The platform was instrumental in providing an overview and supply critical knowledge for the conduct of data analysis. The topics included; Measurement scales, Types of Data, Different types of subsequent analysis techniques, their assumptions and usage, Graphical Representation of Data, Understanding, Measures of Central tendency, Dispersion, Quartiles and Percentiles, Correlation and Regression, Introduction to SPSS and Basic understanding of its functioning like labelling variables and values, exporting and importing files, computing functions etc., t-test, initial filtering data for checking assumptions, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA through SPSS, Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis through SPSS, Non Parametric Tests through SPSS,Issues of Interpretation in Parametric and non parametric tests, Hands on Experiences-Issues and concerns of Data Analysis.

Prof (Dr.) Amit Kauts, Project coordinator, presented the report of the three day workshop. He shared that the workshop was a skill based & was in continuation of the series of ongoing workshops on different research methods. He said that, the participants were divided into five groups; they were continually monitored and facilitated for the group assignments. Each group prepared research proposals as the outcome of the workshop. He further shared that the collaborated work of participants and experts of the workshop would be translated into a resource book for the reference of researchers.

Ms Kiranjot kaur presented the report of the workshop and the Participants namely Mihir Chandra &Vivek Shegal shared their reflections on the faculty programme during the valedictory session.

Dr. Deepa Sikand Kauts congratulated the participants on the successful completion of the programme. At the same time, she conveyed her gratitude to all the speakers for enriching sessions & appreciated support of the administration for such faculty development programmes in the university.

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