Major worrisome potential of concerns during 10 January to 13 February in soon coming year 2021 for vulnerable world including India as well , calling for more care and appropriate strategy.

Major worrisome potential of concerns during 10 January to 13 February in soon coming year 2021 for vulnerable world including India as well , calling for more care and appropriate strategy

( A ). The planetary movements during the present year 2020 had suggested unprecedented woeful times for world. That is why the world witnessed during the year 2020 something never thought of , something like a bolt from the blue – coronavirus pandemic known world-wide as Covid-19 plus never witnessed gravest threat of World War 3 after second world war of 1939-45. Nearly a dozen fronts opened where world war 3 closely prompted the world to join , be it India-China Ladakh stand off , Nagorno-Karabakh war involving a number of countries like Armenia -Ajerbaijan-Turkey-Pakistan , South-China Sea involving China and the United Stated and half a dozen other countries claiming territorial interest in it , China-Taiwan with indirect involvement of other countries as well , Eastern Mediterranean involving Greece-Turkey with indirect involvement of some global powers , Black Sea perceiving potential fight between global super-powers , fast-changing strategic scenario in the Middle-East encompassing Iran-Israel and other regional powers overseen by the global superpowers and some flare-ups among African countries.

( B ). ( 1 ). Now , soon after opening out of new year 2021 , from about 10 January to 13 February , 2021 , the planetary movements are capable of being read as follows :-
“ Major worrisome potential of concerns during 10 January to 13 February in soon coming year 2021 for vulnerable world and India as well , calling for more care and appropriate strategy”.
Where vulnerable , a civil war or change in the government appears to be imminent , may be around mid-December 2020 even. Pakistan looks to be closer to this reading of planetary impacts. Some other vulnerable countries across the globe look to be witnessing woeful times. In short , this period appears to be a time having potential to weakening or loosening of balance , human beast can rise and race fast to eat up whosoever it considers its opponent. Hunger and disease look to be getting virulent to torment. Economic and financial dip can be the worst-ever. Weather seems to be getting unkind. Gods seem to be taking a neutral stance , not coming forward to give support .
( 2 ). Wise saying goes that rope should not be stretched so much that it gets broken at some point. So here , during the period , the planetary impact to stretch rope are highly strong , suggesting that impulses to stretch has the potential to stretch to extreme. But the planetary impacts to balance or limit stretching are weaker comparatively. So there is fear that things can go amiss drawing world closer to a WW3 or mini WW3. What is the piece of advice in this circumstance. Answer is – conscious endeavor to awake that balancing or limiting force or wisdom impulse. In other words , self endeavor to create that wisdom impulse to arise – a difficult task but not impossible. This situation looks to be particularly relevant for most of the fronts in world brought at ( A ) here. China’s likely moves in Bhutan may be watched with care during the period 10 January to 13 February 2021.

( C ). India is offered the following tips for closer attention , more care and appropriate strategy during about 10 January to 13 February 2021 :-
( 1 ). India is already alert against severe cold weather in borders in the north where our brave soldiers are keeping an eye on enemy. It seems this time the inclement weather could be extreme. Some snow-storms or snow-caused avalanches or snow-caused extreme hazards , massive landslides have potential there while it is believed that we are alive to such –like contingencies during about 10 January to 13 February in coming year 2021. While the need to be alert for more care and appropriate strategy continues to exists during the entire period from about 10 January to 13 February in 2021 , the period from 14 to 17 January and 21 , 26 to 28 January , 3 and 4 February needs particular attention
( 2 ). It seems the executive organ of the sovereign power in the country may have to battle during the period on multiple fronts spawning over to political issues , health hazards and pandemic , spiritual world related to gods and goddesses , weather vagaries with extreme tones , economic and financial dip , issues with States having financial and legal angles and fierce designs and moves of hostile countries. Judiciary may also have worrisome concerns during the period.
( 3 ). While endeavors to deal with disease and Covid-19 pandemic are likely to be stepped up on war footing , there may arise unforeseen managerial issues of going about it. Meanwhile , immunity level in the body of citizens can be worrisome , adding new dimensions. There is a war –like enterprise but forces seeking to slow progress seem to be somewhat more powerful. Right course could be to have an in-depth look at the management strategy or strategy execution. On the whole , the health appears to be causing huge worrisome concern during the period.
( 4 ). Such regions of world including India as are known for minerals and metals look to be more prone to major worrisome concerns of war and disease. It may have another connotation instead. Fighting stuff in which minerals and metals go into the making , may be in the centre of worrisome concern during 10 January to 13 February 2020. This phenomenon can also signify some woeful concerns for minerals and metals industry.
( 5 ). Danger can enter India by taking route of Nepal-Bihar-Jharkhand. So be alert to take appropriate strategy.
( 6 ). Impulses to challenge authority and law may cause worry , necessitating high political skill to handle the same.
( 7 ). Power-electricity and other sources of energy may cause worry , necessitating taking of more care and appropriate strategy. Such States /UT as Andhra Pradesh , Bihar , Jharkhand , Rajasthan , Jammu may take note.
( 8 ). Some questions of partnership or interactions with a cooperating nation or nations may require detailed thinking.
( 9 ). More care may be called for while plying on road-rail-air as major accidents look to be trending.
( 10 ). Earthquake jolts in the northern India involving Delhi-Jammu-HP-Gujarat are likely during the 10 Ja nuary to 13 February in 2021.

( D ). It may be made clear here that, these alerts are based on trends likely to take shape while more care and appropriate strategy by concerned people can trend to either reduce the gravity or mitigate the worrisome happenings to an extent. So, human efforts and appropriate strategy has weight. Further , marginal human error in decoding planetary impacts cannot be ruled out. In the light of these constraints, the alerts of likely trends are aimed at wake up call for more care and appropriate strategy.

( E ). Bio- Hailing from Sansal of District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh in India, Kushal Kumar is presently a resident of Panchkula in Haryana State of India. His articles have also been published by world’s such leading astrological magazines as The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) from California and Horoscope from New York. He covered some Presidential election for France and the U.S. with amazing success. His articles having predictive alerts for Singapore, Japan, India, U.S., Canada and Italy covering years 2019 and 2020 ( upto first week of September ), have turned out to be meaningful. His master-work on spiritual themes have also been brought out by leading magazines. He can be reached via

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